How the media inhibits FREEDOM from child victims of trafficking

By Holly Austin Smith — From her column Speaking Out in the Washington Times

On July 2nd, 1992 I was lured into running away from home with a man who promised me a new life. This man told me that he would introduce me to Hollywood celebrities and that he would help me travel cross-country to experience different cities and different cultures. He said he could help me become a model or an actor or a songwriter. This man promised to change my life and to make my dreams come true.

Within hours of running away from home, this man threatened me and forced me into a life of prostitution. Approximately 36 hours later, I was spotted on the street by Atlantic City police officers. I was arrested, strip-searched, and threatened with juvenile detention until I gave them my real name. Handcuffed to a bench, I waited for my parents to arrive at the station.

I ask you- did I choose to do this? Based on these facts, would you say that I, at 14 years of age, set out to be a prostitute in Atlantic City? No, I didn’t. If I was guilty of anything, I was guilty of naivety.

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2 thoughts on “How the media inhibits FREEDOM from child victims of trafficking

  1. I just watched this movie on the true movies channel called human trafficking and ended up turning it off because of the ‘true movies’ part

  2. we must not turn a blind eye to this. it is real and we have to stand up and do something. are we waiting for it to happen to us or our kids because it could. wake up and smell the coffee.

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