Interview with Let Freedom: Jewelry and Human Trafficking Awareness

By Holly Austin Smith — From her column Speaking Out in the Washington Times Communities

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PEORIA, AZ, April 21, 2013 – Building working relationships with other advocates and organizations is important in any field of advocacy, including anti-human trafficking and anti-commercial sexual exploitation.  Listening to and learning from others increases personal growth and perspective.  Over the next few weeks, several advocates and organizations will share their ideas, efforts, and achievements.  Readers are encouraged to reach out to interviewees in order to learn more about their philosophies, goals, and strategies.

This weekend’s interview is with Dina Pratt and Rose Krison of the company, Let Freedom.

Dina, how did your company, Let Freedom, get started?

It was Rose who first learned about human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of our young girls through our church.  She also learned there was a lack of awareness in our state.  She wanted to help, and so she came up with the concept of designing and making jewelry she could sell.  This could both raise awareness and generate revenue to help the cause.

I have been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. Although I left the retail end of it many years ago, I still design custom jewelry for a large clientele following.  I also own an Interior Design business…so, yes, I love designing.  Rose approached me and told me what she wanted to do to help. I agreed and we have spent many months designing the jewelry line and our website, and trying to market to bring awareness to both.

Which organizations are receiving donations from your sales?

We chose StreetLightUSA to donate our proceeds to.  We are finally selling and will be able to make our first contribution to them.  Our goal is to make a signature piece of jewelry every 3 months and to choose a different organization to receive all proceeds from that piece.  We have just designed two new pieces which are in the works, and we are hoping to connect with other organizations in need.  We would also like to connect with high-profile advocacy organizations whose visibility can help bring awareness to Let Freedom.  If we can get more people to buy jewelry from Let Freedom, then we can help more organizations providing services to victims with proceeds from our sales.

Our main goal is raising awareness through our jewelry and, hopefully, being part of putting an end to this horrific issue.

What inspired your first jewelry design?

The Let Freedom jewelry line was inspired by the plight of young girls who are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Each distinctive design was created to symbolize the idea of new beginnings.  Every piece of jewelry is a tangible reminder that freedom is never free.

How can an organization or the general public reach you for collaboration or sales?

Please visit to browse our available pieces of jewelry, or email me at for any more information.

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