Are You a School Teacher/Counselor?

Are you a school teacher or counselor?

First, thank you so much for all your work with children and youth. As a child, my teachers and counselors played very influential roles in my life. I remember almost every teacher I ever had, from Mrs. Heikel in kindergarten to Mr. Zalinsky in my senior year. School teachers and counselors are vital not only to the academic welfare of children but also to their physical, mental, and emotional states of well-being. You help set the foundation for children to become healthy and successful adults. This is the reason I dedicated my book, Walking Prey, to you. I believe in you because my teachers and counselors all believed in me.

Second, thank you for wanting to educate and warn your students about the issue of child sex trafficking. As a teenager, I had never heard of human trafficking; and I had no idea I was being courted by a sex trafficker in the summer between eighth grade middle school and ninth grade high school. Had I known, I might have recognized the tactics this man used to befriend me and then to lure me away from home. As a survivor advocate, I would like to offer advice on how to educate your students on human trafficking and how to prevent child sex trafficking because I believe those two goals require different approaches.

Please upload the following curricula guidelines for advice on the education of human trafficking and prevention of child sex trafficking:

Walking Prey Education & Prevention Guidelines for Teachers


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