Resources for Law Enforcement and Other First Responders

Are you with law enforcement? Or, are you a victim advocate, healthcare provider, or other first responder?

Walking Prey is an academic non-fiction book about the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), including child sex trafficking, in the United States. Although I do share my personal story in Walking Prey, this book is much more than a memoir. I discuss predisposing factors, community risk factors, and the mindset of “willing victims”. A child victim who does not self-identify as such is often referred to as a “willing victim,” as was I at age 14 in 1992. In Walking Prey, I discuss the mindset of “willing victims” in order to offer insight to law enforcement, healthcare providers, and other victim advocates. My hope is that such insight will enable professionals to offer all victims compassion and appropriate care.

When I wrote Walking Prey, I specifically had law enforcement and other first responders in mind as my audience.  This is why, in chapter 10, I discuss my experience with law enforcement in-depth and offer tips to law enforcement for interviewing and responding to victims of CSEC. In chapters 11 and 12, I share my experience with health care providers, including mental health specialists; and I include my medical and mental health evaluations in appendices G-J. In appendix A, I provide additional advice to law enforcement and other first responders on protocols, prevention, and resources.

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